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Graphic Design

Here at Tetelestai, we like to keep as much of our creative work as possible in-house, and that means we can share these skills with you at great competitive prices, and at only the highest quality.

If you need a design for your company logo, icons for your website, or just a great image for a t-shirt, let our company take care of your needs! Some of the graphic design needs we can supply are:

  • Company logo
  • Images, graphics and diagrams tailored to your needs
  • Fonts
  • Business cards
  • Photo manipulation and touch-ups

Contact us for a quote!


Our portfolio:

Here are some samples of our work:

Logo design

Your company or association needs a great looking logo that will identify what you are about, and attract potential customers or visitors. We can design a simple, good looking logo for you, or improve the logo you already have and bring it to the next level.

Church logo

church logo


Company logo

company logo

Sports team logo

sports team logo


Logo improvement

Give us your basic logo design, and we will make it a reality.

logo improvement


Website icon (favicon or bookmark icon)

A bookmark icon, also known as a favicon, raises your website to a greater level of professionalism and makes it more memorable and easy to distinguish for your visitors. When a user bookmarks your website, a good icon will enable you to stand out from the rest, and ensure many repeat visits.

Website icon samples

website icon

The above three icons are samples of some of our work.


We can create icons for websites, applications or promotional materials of all sorts.




Font design

Need a unique font that reflects the style and personality of your company or product? Let us take care of it. Give us a basic design, or description of what you would like, and we will create a personalized font for your use.

Font design samples

font design